• Mon - Fri 07:30am - 17.30pm Sat - 08:00am - 12:00pm
  • Corner of Zakheni Ave & Lussin Ave Montana Park
  • 0125481812

Motomark Service Centre

After finding that there is a massive demand for quality pre owned Toyota’s, we decided to expand and provide the same service experience to our loyal Toyota customer base in Pretoria.

We are embarking on a state of the art and modern service centre specialising in Toyota and other manufacturers and providing honest and proven advise for any 4×4 fitments and accessories.

At Motomark Service Centre we will aim to provide you with fast, quality and honest servicing and repair of your vehicle. The service centre has state of the art diagnostic equipment, qualified personnel and people that know what attention your vehicle may require.

We will also provide a 6 day a week, 24 hour service schedule leaving you with the flexibility to have your vehicle serviced while you sleep or while the vehicle is idle over weekends.

Don’t have time to service your vehicle, no problem, we will provide an express option to service your vehicle while you wait.

We offer more option’s that your local dealer as we supply genuine and aftermarket parts for you to choose from. We have also partnered with world renowned Fuchs oil to ensure that the oil’s lubricating your vehicle are of the same standard used in Nascar and various racing series’ around the world. Have your brand of oil that you prefer, no problem, we will stock it and ensure that your vehicle receives the oil you require or prefer.

We will offer you with even more options than you local dealer by providing you with the option to repair or replace broken parts with genuine of aftermarket OEM parts. Included in our service is an honest opinion as to what we recommend, free of charge.

This type of open and transparent service is what we aim to provide, not only on paper but in real life as well. Our workshop has been well thought out so that all customer’s will be able to see where and how their vehicles are serviced or repaired as our service centre is an open plan building. You will be drinking your cup of South American coffee while watching the technician going through his process of inspecting and servicing your vehicle

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